1756-06-01 – A Baptism in Rauschenberg

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June 1 1756 – Rauschenberg

A son of Wiegand Wißner, Regiment Erbprinz was baptised. The parents were not married. According to the child‘s mother they had been engaged but hadn‘t been able to marry since Wiegand‘s unit had been sent to England.

Note: The war had started. Eight Hessian regiments, among them the Regiment Erbprinz, were sent to England at the request of King George II in order to ward off a potential French invasion. The Hessian regiments had embarked for Southhampton roughly one month before Wißner‘s alleged child was born at Rauschenberg. Had he been hoping to start a family before the onset of the war? Or maybe his deployment to England meant a welcome escape from responsibility? Whatever his thought‘s were, we do not know. Roughly one year later his regiment had returned to the continent. Wißner survived the war and remained to serve in the army as a corporal.



Stephen Westfall for this glimpse of daily life during the Seven Years< War.