1756 - Prussian invasion of Saxony – Prussian OOB August 26 Lehwaldt

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Army left in East Prussia under Field-Marshal von Lehwaldt in August 1756 to observe the Russian army.

Summary: 10 infantry bns, 4 garrison bns, 1 grenadier bn, 10 grenadier coys, 36 battalion guns, 30 dragoon sqns, 20 hussar sqns, 20 field pieces

For a total of 12,081 foot and 7014 horse (excluding supernumeraries amounting to 566 foot and 720 horse)


  • Commander-in-Chief: Field-Marshal von Lehwaldt
  • Adjutants: Captain von Studnitz, Captain von Buddenbrock
  • Lieutenant-Quartermaster: Major Baron von der Goltz
  • Brigadier-Major: P. L. von Kalckstein
  • Engineer: Captain Honauer and a driver
  • Field-Postmaster: unknown
  • Field Hospital: Director von Bone
  • Supply: Captain von Froreich

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There was also a Reserve Corps in Pomerania under the command of the Lieutenant-General Hereditary Prince of Hessen-Darmstadt

Summary: 8 infantry bns, 1 grenadier bn, 8 grenadier coys, 22 battalion guns, 10 hussar sqns

For a total of 7,168 foot and 1,156 horse (excluding supernumeraries amounting to 348 foot


  • Commander-in-Chief: Lieutenant-General Hereditary Prince of Hessen-Darmstadt
  • Adjutant: P. L. von Syburg

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