1757 - French invasion of Hanover

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The campaign lasted from March to November 1757

Description of Events

This article rapidly becoming quite large has been split into four distinct articles:

  1. Preparations and initial moves (January 1 to May 17, 1757) describing preparations of the French and of the Allies for the campaign, the advance of the French on the Lower Rhine, their occupation of Wesel and the penetration of the French vanguards into Westphalia.
  2. French advance in Westphalia (May 18 to July 26, 1757) describing the French advance in Westphalia, their occupation of Hesse and the Battle of Hastenbeck.
  3. French army invades Hanover (July 27 to September 14, 1757) describing the French offensive in Hanover, the retreat of the Allied Army towards the sea and its capitulation at Kloster-Zeven.
  4. Richelieu marches towards Saxony (September 15 to November 26 1757) describing the French operations after the capitulation of the Allied Army: their advance on Halberstadt, their move to support the Franco-Imperial Army operating in Saxony, the revocation of the Convention of Kloster-Zeven by the Allies and the precipitous return of the French Army into Hanover.


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