1757 - Prussian invasion of Bohemia – Prussian OOB March – Bevern

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At the end of March 1757, a Prussian corps under the command of Lieutenant-General Duke of Bevern was deployed in and to the north of Zittau in Upper Lusatia.

Summary: 16,000 foot in 20 bns, 4,300 horse in 25 sqns, with 12 field pieces

Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General Duke of Bevern

First Line Second Line
Right Wing
under Colonel von Puttkamer

Puttkamer Hussars (5 sqns)

under von Kleist

Münchow Fusiliers (2 bns)
Normann Dragoons (5 sqns)

Centre under Lieutenant-General von Lestwitz
Grenadier-Battalion Kahlden (1 bn) as right flank guard

Major-General von Schöning's Brigade

Major-General von Amstell's Brigade

Grenadier-Battalion Alt-Billerbeck (1 bn) as left flank guard

I./Jung-Braunschweig Fusiliers (1 bn) as right flank guard

Major-General Prinz Eugen von Württemberg's Brigade

II./Jung-Braunschweig Fusiliers (1 bn) as left flank guard

Left Wing
under Lieutenant-Colonel Warnery

Puttkamer Hussars (5 sqns)

Katte Dragoons (5 sqns)

Prinz Heinrich von Preußen Fusiliers (2 bns)


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