1757 - Treaty of Versailles

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The treaty was signed on May 1, 1757


The Treaty of Versailles of 1757 was a diplomatic agreement signed at the Palace of Versailles on May 1, 1757 between Maria Theresa of Austria and Louis XV of France.

This treaty expanded on the First Treaty of Versailles from the previous year which had established the Franco-Austrian Alliance. It is commonly known as the Second Treaty of Versailles.

By this treaty, both powers agreed on the distribution of Prussian territories among its enemies at the end of the war. Austria would recover Silesia, the County of Glatz and the Duchy of Crossen; Saxony would recover Magdeburg and Halberstadt; Sweden would receive Pomerania; Prussian possessions on the Rhine would be distributed among various princes; Austria would cede to France the cities of Ostende, Nieuport, Furnes, the fort of Knock, Ypres, Mons, Chimay and Beaumont while the fortress of Luxembourg would be razed; the rest of the Austrian Netherlands would become the property of the Infant of Parma, a Bourbon. France could immediately occupy Ostende and Nieuport as a security; thus freeing up the Austrian garrisons of these places to move east to attack Prussia.

Finally, in addition to the French Army (105,000 men) that would be engaged on the Lower Rhine, 6,000 Württembergers and 4,000 Bavarians would join the offensive in Western Germany.


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