1758-08-05 – Death of a Hessian Militiaman

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August 5 1758 – Cappel (Marburg)

After the Hessians had been defeated by the French at Ziegenhain and at the action of Sangershausen [Sandershausen], near Cassel, prisoners were taken from Marburg to Wolfshausen and then back to France. As they approached Wolfshausen this prisoner, Johannes Mohr, of Kleinensee (Friedewald), who had served in the Wurmb Militia in the company of Lieutenant-Colonel von Radings, died. The commander accompanying these prisoners, Captain von Sonnenberg, relinquished the deceased soldier to me and I attested that would bury him according to the customs of the Protestant church which I did on the 6th of the same month […] His age was unknown, perhaps about 26 years. A quick death ended all suffering of this prisoner of the French and guided him to his eternal rest.



Stephen Westfall for this glimpse of daily life during the Seven Years' War.