1759 – Allied counter-offensive in West Germany – French deployment mid August

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The following order of battle is extracted from Charles P. V. Pajol's work Les Guerres sous Louis XV, vol. IV, p. 426. Pajol did not specify if he was enumerating brigades or regiments. However, it is quite evident that he was enumerating brigades but we do not know if he had re-arranged his brigades after his crushing defeat at the battle of Minden. For this reason we have not tried to reconstitute the detailed order of battle of each brigade.

Order of Battle of the French army in Germany in mid August 1759

Commander-in-chief: Louis Georges Érasme, marquis de Contades

Main Army under Contades near Kassel

  • Infantry (57 bns)
    • Picardie brigade
    • Belzunce brigade
    • Touraine brigade
    • Rouergue brigade
    • Condé brigade
    • Du Roi brigade
    • Champagne brigade
    • Saxon contingent
    • Lowendal brigade
    • La Dauphine brigade
    • Grenadiers de France (4 bns)
    • Grenadiers Royaux (4 unidentified bns)
  • Artillery (2 unidentified bns)
  • Cavalry (53 sqns)

Reserve of the Main Army under Broglie near Oberweimar

  • Infantry (22 bns)
    • Piémont brigade
    • Waldner brigade
    • Royal-Bavière brigade
    • Navarre brigade
  • Cavalry (35 sqns)

Saint-Germain's corps at Lutterberg

  • Infantry (12 bns)
    • Auvergne brigade
    • Aquitaine brigade
    • Anhalt brigade
  • Cavalry (16 sqns)
  • Light Troops
    • Volontaires de Hainaut
    • Volontaires de Dauphiné
    • Volontaires Étrangers

D'Armentières' corps at Wolfhagen

  • Infantry (19 bns)
    • La Tour-du-Pin brigade
    • Vaubécourt brigade
    • Orléans brigade
    • Castellas brigade
    • Postiches grenadiers
  • cavalry (28 sqns)
    • La Reine brigade
    • Orléans brigade
    • Noé brigade
    • Jarnac brigade
    • Orléans Dragons
    • Du Roi Dragons
    • La Ferronaye Dragons

On the Lower Rhine

  • infantry and artillery (11 bns)
    • Reding brigade
    • La Couronne brigade
    • Royal-Artillerie brigade
  • Cavalry
    • Thianges Dragons
  • Light Troops
    • Volontaires de Clermont

Main garrison


This article is entirely derived from the following work which is now in the public domain:

  • Pajol, Charles P. V., Les Guerres sous Louis XV, vol. IV, Paris, 1891, p. 426