1759 - Russian campaign in Brandenburg – Prussian Army Frederick OOB mid-August

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In mid-August 1759, after the sanguinary Battle of Kunersdorf, Frederick II was in Brandenburg at the head of a seriously depleted army.

Frederick’s Army

Commander-in-Chief: Frederick II

Summary: 36 bns and 109 sqns for a total of approx. 30,000 men (excluding Kleist’s Corps, which was on the march from Pomerania)

Infantry (36 bns)

Note: most grenadier bns were so depleted after Kunersdorf that they had to be combined to reach the strength of a battalion.

Cavalry (109 sqns)

Kleist’s Corps

Major-General von Kleist was on the march from Pomerania to reinforce Frederick’s Army with 6 bns and 7 sqns for a total of approx. 5,000 men.

Infantry (6 bns)

Cavalry (7 sqns)


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