1760 - Austrian campaign in Saxony – Prussian OOB June

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Detailed order of battle of Frederick's Army at the beginning of June 1760

Main Army

Commander-in-Chief: King Frederick II of Prussia

Summary: 36½ bns, 68 sqns

First Line

Second Line

Reserve (2½ bns, 20 sqns)

N.B.: on June 13, the Holstein-Gottorp Dragoons (5 sqns) and Finckenstein Dragoons, who had previously camapigned with the Allies in Western Germany, joined Frederick's Army

Hülsen’s Corps

Commander: Lieutenant-General von Hülsen

Summary: 19 bns, 24 sqns

Infantry (19 bns)

Cavalry (24 sqns)

N.B.: Freibataillon Salenmon (1 bn) and the Freihusaren von Kleist (2 sqns) were posted near Leipzig

Artillery of the Field Army

Frederick's Army and Hülsen's Corps had a total of 114 heavy artillery pieces:

  • 30 x heavy 12-pdr guns
  • 50 x medium 12-pdr guns
  • 14 x light 12-pdr guns
  • 10 x heavy 6-pdr guns
  • 10 x 7-pdr howitzers

Garrisons in the Saxon Fortresses

Garrison of Torgau under Major von Normann (3 bns)

Garrison of Wittenberg under Colonel von Plotho (3 bns)

Garrison of Leipzig under Major von Keller (3 bns)


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