1760 - British operations in the Mediterranean

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The campaign took place from April to June 1760


After the disastrous events of the previous years, for the campaign of 1760, the French had only 4 operational ships of the line in the Mediterranean:

A fifth ship, the Diadème (74), had taken refuge in a Spanish port.

In April, Vice-Admiral Charles Saunders went as commander-in-chief of the British squadron operating in the Mediterranean. Little of importance happened, owing to the overwhelming superiority of the British naval forces.

At the beginning of June, the British had 7 ships of the line on their way for the Mediterranean:

In June, a French division slipped out of Toulon but the greater part of it was driven by a squadron, under Captain Hugh Palliser of the Shrewsbury (74), into a port in the island of Candia (unidentified location), and was blockaded there until the British vessels had to withdraw for supplies and repairs, whereupon the enemy got back to Toulon.


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