1761 - Allied campaign in Hesse – French OOB February 9

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1761 - Allied campaign in Hesse >> Detailed order of battle of the French armies (Broglie and Contades) on February 9 1761

Order of battle of the French armies on February 9 1761

Army of the Duc de Broglie

Army of the Lower Rhine

Commander-in-chief: under the command of Lieutenant-general de Muy assisted by Aides-majors d'Auger, de Granville, and de Saint-Sauveur


This article is a compilation of texts from the following book which is now in the public domain:

  • Pajol, Charles P. V., Les Guerres sous Louis XV, vol. V, Paris, 1891, pp. 132-133