1761 - Austro-Russian campaign in Silesia – Austrian OOB August

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Order of battle of the Austrian army under the command of Feldzeugmeister Ernst Gideon Loudon encamped near Bunzelwitz (present-day Bolesławice) in Lower Silesia in August 1761.

  • Feldmarshall Lieutenant O'Kelly commanded the right wing
  • Feldmarshall Lieutenant d'Argenteau commanded the left wing
First Line Second Line Third Line
Cavalry Right Wing
FML Pellegrini's Division FML Martigny's Division GFWM Rebach seconded by Colonel Prince of Saxe-Coburg
Infantry Centre
FML Drašković's Division

FML Wolfersdorff' Division

FML Buttler's Division FML Unruhe's Division
  • GFWM Botta
    • Converged Grenadiers (10 bns)

GFWM Liechtensten seconded by Colonel Kinsky

Cavalry Left Wing
FML Potstatsky's Division FML Berlichingen's Division FML Ullrichshausen's Division

(*) more probably a converged unit of various Grenz-Hussars sqns

Other detachments

Under GFWM Lacy, Beck and Jahnus


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