1761 - Austro-Russian campaign in Silesia – Russian OOB August

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Order of battle of the Russian army under the command of Field Marshall Alexander Borissovitch Buturlin encamped near Bunzelwitz (present-day Bolesławice) in Lower Silesia in August 1761.

  • General Gallitsin commanded the left wing of the first line
  • General Fermor commanded the right wing of the first line
  • General Chernichev commanded the left wing of the second line
  • General Dolgorukov commanded the right wing of the second line

N.B.: in the following order of battle, we have used a more normalized spelling than the Germanized forms (ex: Volguski instead of Wolguski) used by Tielke. However, for the names of the various generals, this spelling could be improved. Suggestions are welcome.

First Line Second Line
Cavalry Right Wing
Lieutenant-General Volguski's Cuirassier Division
Infantry Centre
Lieutenant-General Martuinov's Division (seconded by Major-General Palmbach)

Lieutenant-General Pannin's Division (seconded by Major-General Yakoblev)

Lieutenant-General Leontiev
Cavalry Left Wing
Major-General Melgunov's Brigade
Extreme Left Wing Infantry
Major-General Plemenikov's Brigade

Major-General Chovanski's Brigade

Major-General Fullerton

Lieutenant-General Fast seconded by Major-General Nummers

Lieutenant-General Lubomirsky seconded by Major-General Beneckendorff

Major-General Berg's Corps (listed from right to left)


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