1761 - French campaign in West Germany – French Lower-Rhine Army OOB August 10

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1761 - French campaign in West Germany >> Detailed order of battle of the French Lower-Rhine Army (Soubise) on August 10 1761, after the departure of Lévis' corps.

Soubise's Army of the Lower Rhine on August 10 1761

Infantry (42,055 men in 62 bns)


  • attached to the artillery (1,200 men in 2 bns)
  • attached to the headquarters (1,800 men in 3 bns)
  • attached to the staff (1,800 men in 3 bns)
  • on the left bank of the Rhine (1,600 men)

Miners (120 men in 1 coy)

Cavalry (10,190 men in 65 sqns):

Troops in Wesel


This article is a compilation of texts from the following book which is now in the public domain:

  • Pajol, Charles P. V., Les Guerres sous Louis XV, vol. V, Paris, 1891, pp. 265-266