1761 - French campaign in West Germany – French Lower-Rhine Army OOB November

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Soubise's Army of the Lower Rhine in November 1761

Summary: 47 bns and 40 sqns

MM. d'Auvet and de Thianges in the district of Cologne on the left bank of the Rhine from Andernach to Neuss and on the right bank from mouth of the Sieg River up to the Country of Bergh

MM. de Vogué, Lévis, Groslier and Montazet in the district of Düsseldorf and the countries of Jülich and Bergh

M. d'Apchon in the district of Meurs, Ürdingen, Linn, Krefeld and Rheinberg

M. de Langeron in the district of Wesel on the right bank of Wesel from the Issel up to Rees

MM. de Saint-Chamans, d'Aubigny, de Travers in the district of Kleve on the right bank of the Rhine between Rees and the Netherlands and along the Issel

M. de Beausobre in the district of Gueldre along the Meuse from Venlo to the Country of Kleve and along the Niers

MM. d'Andlau and Maugiron in the district of Liège, in the camp of Cornelimunster, in the Country of Ruremonde and along the Meuse from Venlo to Aachen


This article is a compilation of texts from the following book which is now in the public domain:

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