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Tentative reconstruction of the order of battle of Rumyantsev's army in 1761

The following is a hypothetical reconstruction of the order of battle of Rumyantsev's army throughout the campaign of 1761 (including Berg and Dolgoruki divisions) by Tomasz Karpiński based on Rumyantsev's correspondence and on various sources listed in the “Reference” section.

Commander-in-chief: Rumyantsev

Rumyantsev Corps

In his correspondence, Rumyantsev mentions that his corps consisted of 6 hussar regiments, 6 dragoon regiments (including horse grenadier regiments), 13 infantry regiments (including Dolgoruki division) and 8 cossack pulks.

  • Hussars (6 rgts)
    • from the original corps under the command of Rumyantsev (1 rgt)
      • Gruzinskiy (Georgian) Hussars (5 sqns)
    • from Totleben or Berg division (5 rgts)
      • Slobodskiy (Slovakian) Hussars (about 350 men) maybe a Slavianoserbian unit
      • Serbskiy (Serbian) Hussars (5 sqns)
      • Vengerskiy (Hungarian) Hussars (5 sqns)
      • 1st Novoserbskiy (Horvat) Hussars (about 300 men)
      • Zeltiy (Yellow) Hussars (5 sqns)
  • Dragoons and Horse Grenadiers (6 rgts)
    • from the original corps under the command of Rumyantsev (2 rgts)
      • Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons (5 sqns)
      • Tobolskiy Dragoons (5 sqns)
    • from Berg division (3 rgts)
      • Tverskiy Dragoons (5 sqns)
      • Narvskiy Horse Grenadiers (5 sqns)
      • Rizhskiy Horse Grenadiers (5 sqns)
    • from Dolgoruki division (1 rgt)
      • Nizegorodskiy Dragoons (5 sqns)
  • Cossacks (8 pulks)
    • I. Krasnoczekov (5 sqns)
    • II. Krasnoczekov (5 sqns)
    • III. Popov
    • IV. Popov
    • V. Kolpakov
    • VI. Filipov
    • VII. Turovierov
    • VIII. Diaczkin

Rumyantsev's converged grenadier battalions

In June and July, Rumyantsev organised the companies of grenadiers of his line infantry into 10 converged grenadier battalions:

  • 1st Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn) under Volkov and Popov
  • 2nd Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn) under Grudavkov
  • 3rd Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn) under Grudavkov
  • 4th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn) under major Golitsyn
  • 5th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn) under lieutenant-colonel Schulz and captain Stackelberg
  • 6th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn)
  • 7th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn)
  • 8th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn)
  • 9th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn)
  • 10th Converged Grenadier Battalion (1 bn)

Durnov brigade

Durnov made a junction with Rumyantsev's corps on August 12. Upon arrival, part of its 9 inexperienced battalions were used to reinforce Rumyantsev's depleted regiments, only 4 out of these 9 battalions remaining independent. These 4 battalions came from 2 distinct regiments, bringing Rumyantsev's number of regular line infantry regiments to 15. These 2 regiments were:

Nieviadomski reinforcements

At the end of August, Neviadomski joined Rumyantsev's army with 15 weak third battalions. Part of these new troops were incorporated into Rumyantsev's units, every musketeer regiment receiving troops drafted from these third battalions. With the remaining troops of Nieviadomski's reinforcements, Rumyantsev constituted 6 battalions:

  • I Staff Battalion (1 bn for a total of about 400 men)
  • II Depot Battalion (1 bn)
  • III Depot Battalion (1 bn)
  • IV Depot Battalion (1 bn)
  • V Müller Frei Infanterie (1 bn)
  • VI Ilgestrom Frei Infanterie (1 bn)

Iakovlev brigade

This brigade was not mentioned in Rumyantsev's correspondence because it's only at the end of October that it was left behind in Pomerania by Fermor. It consisted of 2 regiments:

Unassigned units

A few units a referenced in various sources as taking part into the Pomeranian campaign of 1761 but cannot be associated with a specific corps, division or brigade. They are:


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Tomasz Karpiński (student at the Institute of History, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, Poland) for the initial version of this article