1761 - Russian campaign in Pomerania – Russian OOB January

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Order of battle of the Russian army at the beginning of 1761

Commander-in-chief: feldmarschal Buturlin

  • 1st Division under the command of count Fermor assisted by generals Mordvinov, Panin, Jakov, Tolstoj, Jakovlev, Palmbach; and major-general Saltykov
  • 2nd Division under the command of count Golitsyn assisted by brigadier-generals Olic, Leontiev, Plemniakov, prince Chovansky, Fulerton and brigadier Bachman
  • 3rd Division under the command of count Dolgoruki assisted by general prince Lubomirski, Berg, Rosen, Dalke and brigadier Hanzer
  • Corps Volant under Chernichev assisted by Nummers, Dolgoruki, Melgunov, baron Yelmat and Bekendorf
  • Artillery Corps under general Chlebov
    • Bombardiers
    • 1st Cannoniers
    • Fusiliers
    • Grenadiers (from regiments below)
  • Tottleben Corps assisted by brigadier Beketov
    • 3 infantry rgts
    • 1 cavalry rgt
      • Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadiers
    • 6 hussars rgts
      • Vengerskiy (Hungarian) Hussars
      • Serbskiy (Serbian) Hussars
      • Moldavskiy (Moldavian) Hussars
      • Slavianoserbskiy Hussars (???Shevich or Preradovich???)
      • 1st Novoserbskiy (Horvat) Hussars
      • Zeltiy (Yellow) Hussars
    • 8 cossack pulks
  • Rumyantsev Corps assisted by general Yeropkin, brigadiers Nieviadomski, Durnov, Brandt, Yelczanov, Krasnoczekov, engineer-colonel Gerbel, and general-quartermaster-lieutenant Viazemski
    • 4 infantry rgts
    • 2 dragoon rgts
      • Tobolskiy Dragoons (5 sqns for a total of 1,092 men)
      • Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons (5 sqns for a total of 1,047 men)
    • 2 hussar rgt
      • Gruzinskiy (Georgian) Hussars (5 sqns for a total of 836 men)
      • Slobodskiy (Slovakian) Hussars
    • Krasnoczekov Cossacks (2 pulks for a total of about 1,000 men)
    • reinforcements received during the campaign
  • Reserve under the command of Suvorov
    • Shirvanskiy (3 bns)
    • 14 Depot Battalions (14 bns) these were the 3rd battalions of regular line infantry regiments
    • Makedonskiy Hussars


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Tomasz Karpiński (student at the Institute of History, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, Poland) for the initial version of this article