1762 - French campaign in West Germany – Allied Army OOB May 23

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Allied Army on May 23 1762

Commander-in-chief: general Ferdinand of Brunswick

Main Allied army

Granby's Corps forming the left wing towards Dörnberg

Luckner's Corps

  • Colonel von Plessen's Brigade
    • Hanoverian Schlepegrell converged grenadiers (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Kauffman converged grenadiers (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Bock converged grenadiers (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Greven converged grenadiers (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Schlemme converged grenadiers (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Mutio converged grenadiers (1 bn)
  • Cavalry Brigade
  • Light troops

Reserve (Light Troops)

  • Major-general Freytag's Brigade
  • Cavendish's Brigade
    • British Fraser Light Battalion (1 bn)
    • Brunswicker Hartwig Light Battalion (1 bn)
    • Hessian Rall Light Battalion (1 bn)
    • Hanoverian Quernheim Light Battalion (1 bn)

Corps of the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick operating in Westphalia


This article is adapted from the Nafziger collection (Order of battle no. 762EAB) itself extracted from:

  • Sichart, L. v.: Geschichte der Koniglich Hannoverschen Armee, Hanover, l870