1762 - French campaign in West Germany – French Reserve May 29

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Prince de Condé's Army of the Lower Rhine

By May 29, the Prince de Condé had created 3 reserves:

Furthermore M. d'Andlau was in command at Liège; Beausobre at Geldern; Rochegude at Cologne; Groslier at Düsseldorf; La Marlière at Rees; Langeron at Wesel; and Maugeron at Aachen.

Foot notes

1. Limousin Infanterie counted only 2 bns however, the order of battle omitted Vierzet who also counted 2 bns

2. In a previous order of battle (March 1762), artillery units are specified:

3. The following militia units, present in March 1762, are not accounted for:

  • Laon (1 bn)
  • Joigny (1 bn)
  • Mantes (1 bn)
  • Paris (1 bn)


This article is a compilation of texts from the following book which is now in the public domain:

  • Pajol, Charles P. V., Les Guerres sous Louis XV, vol. V, Paris, 1891, p. 338