1762 - Spanish campaign in Portugal – Anglo-Portuguese Army OOB July

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1762 - Spanish campaign in Portugal >> Anglo-Portuguese OOB Summer 1762

Order of battle of the Anglo-Portuguese army during summer 1762

Main army

Commander-in-chief: count of Lippe-Bückeburg assisted by:

  • adjutant-general: colonel Bohm
  • aide: major Hill
  • adjutant: count Ferdinand von Lippe-Biesterfeld (Lippe-Bückeburg's cousin, formerly captain of infantry, promoted lieutenant-colonel for his conduct
  • quarter-master of the Portuguese army: field-marshal John Crawford assisted by lieutenant-colonel Preston
  • general of infantry: Dom João de Lencastre
  • generals of cavalry: marquis de Tancos, prince of Mecklenburg, Dom Luís de Portugal
  • marechais-de-campo: Manuel Bessa Dantas, Dom Vasco da Câmara, marquis de Angeja, Dom José Joaquim de Miranda, Dom José Félix da Cunha, count de São Tiago and José Leite de Sousa

N.B.: in the following order of battle, the names of the commander are based on a document dated December 1762, it is possible that, in some cases, the commander during the preceding summer might have been different

First Line Second Line
Right Wing Cavalry
  • Corte Cavalry (3 troops) under the Prince of Mecklenburg
  • Cais Cavalry (3 troops) under count de Sampaio
  • Alcantara Cavalry (3 troops) under Dom Fernando José Lobo da Silveira
  • Olivença Dragoons (3 troops) under Dom José da Câmara
  • Évora Dragoons (3 troops) under Dom Francisco da Silva Tello
Infantry centre
  • 1st Cascais (1 bn) under marquis do Lavradio
  • 1st Novo Corte (1 bn) under count do Prado
  • 1st Velho Corte (1 bn) under count de Aveiras
  • 1st Setúbal (1 bn) under Dom Francisco Assis da Cunha
  • 1st Olivença (1 bn) under Martim Lopo Saldanha
  • Granadeiros Portugueses (1 bn) under colonel Lee
  • 1st Reais Suiços (1 bn) under colonel Thorman
  • Granadeiros Portugueses (1 bn) under lieutenant-colonel Michaelis
  • 1st Moura (1 bn) under Dom António Veríssimo
  • 1st Castelo de Vide (1 bn) under Dom Fernando de Almeida
  • 1st Lagos (1 bn) under count do Vimeiro
  • 1st Faro (1 bn) under Dom Gastão da Câmara
  • 1st Armada (1 bn) under viscount de Mesquitela
Left Wing Cavalry
  • Moura Cavalry (3 troops) under Dom José da Costa
  • Penamacor Dragoons (3 troops) under Henrique Garcês Palha
  • Bragança Cavalry (3 troops) under José António Freire de Andrade

Portuguese Artillery under general count da Counha

  • unidentified unit (1 bn) under count de Soure
  • Estremoz (1 bn) under Guillaume Louis Antoine de Valleré

British Contingent

Commander: lieutenant-general Lord Loudon

  • 16th Burgoyne's Light Dragoons (6 troops)
  • Pulteney's Converged Grenadiers (?? coys)
  • Dalrymple's Light Infantry (??coys)
  • 3rd Buff Foot (1 bn) under Howard
  • 67th Lambert's Foot (1 bn)
  • 75th Frederic's Foot (1 bn)
  • 83rd Armstrong's Foot (1 bn)
  • 85th Crawford’s Volunteers (1 bn)
  • 91st Blaney's Foot (1 bn)
  • Royal Artillery (8 coys) under colonel Pattison assisted by major Forbes MacBean

Corps in Tras-os-Montes

Commander: lieutenant-general Cary

  • 1st Valença (1 bn) under Dom João de Sousa
  • 1st Bragança (1 bn) under Francisco Luís Pequeno
  • 2nd Bragança (1 bn) under Dom Luís de Sousa
  • 1st Porto (1 bn) under Dom António de Lencastre
  • 1st Chaves (1 bn) under F. B. Morais Pimentel
  • Éguas light cavalry (3 troops)

Corps in the province of Beira

Commander: lieutenant-general Townshend

  • 1st Peniche (1 bn) under brigadier Lourenço de Melo
  • 2nd Peniche (1 bn) under Dom Miguel de Almeida
  • 2nd Valença (1 bn) under António Vieira Guedes
  • 2nd Porto (1 bn) under Jorge Francisco Machado de Mendonça
  • 2nd Chaves (1 bn) under João António de Sá Pereira
  • 1st Penamacor (1 bn) under Luís de Vasconcelos
  • 2nd Penamacor (1 bn) under chevalier de Foulis
  • 1st Viana (1 bn) under Luís Pinto Robin
  • 2nd Viana (1 bn) under Sebastião Pinto Robin
  • 1st Campo Maior (1 bn) under Manuel Pereira de Matos
  • 2nd Campo Maior (1 bn( under Pascoal Pepper
  • 1st Olivença (1 bn) under Furtado de Mendonça
  • 2nd Olivença (1 bn) under colonel Lee
  • Voluntários Reais (? foot coys) under João Hamilton
  • Almeida Cavalry (3 troops) under Dom Francisco Inocêncio de Sousa Coutinho
  • Chaves Dragoons (3 troops) under Dom Pedro Manuel de Vilhena
  • Voluntários Reais (3 mounted troops) under João Hamilton


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Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues and Joseph O'Neil for the initial version of this article.