Ambuscade (40)

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Origin and History

The ship was captured from the French on April 21 1746.

At the end of April 1747, the ship was part of vice-admiral Anson's squadron which intercepted a French convoy of 38 sails off Cape Finisterre (Spain).

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • 1759: captain Richard Gwynn

The frigate was sold to privateers in 1762 along with the Kingston (60).

Service during the War

On August 18 1759, the frigate was at the victorious battle of Lagos.

To do: campaigns from 1760 to 1762

In 1762, the privateers who had just bought the frigate from the Royal Navy, organised a raid on Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Their squadron, under the command of Robert McNamara from the East India Company, consisted of the Lord Clive (60), the Ambuscade (40), 2 Portuguese ships transporting 500 foot, and 5 storeships. On November 2, the squadron sailed from Rio de Janeiro towards the mouth of the Río de la Plata but soon abandoned the project because of the strong resistance of the Spaniards. On January 6 1763, during a second attempt, the squadron came under the fire of the Spanish coastal defences. The Lord Clive (60) was lost and the Ambuscade (40) was severely damaged but managed to return to Rio de Janeiro.


Technical specifications
Guns 40
Gun deck ???
Quarter deck ???
Crew ???
Length ???
Width ???
Depth ???
Displacement ???


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