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Origin and History

The ship was built by R.N. Levasseur in 1731 in Toulon and launched in 1733.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • in 1755: M. Froger de la Rigaudière
  • in 1756: M. Bidé de Maurville
  • in 1757: M. de Turgot

The ship was lost in 1757.

Service during the War

In 1755, the ship took part to the expedition to reinforce Canada and more particularly Louisbourg. For this campaign, she was armed as a "flute", her armament being reduced to 12 guns. She served as hospital ship.

On May 18 1756, the ship was escorting a convoy with the frigate Fidèle (24) to Rochefort when they were sighted and brought into action by the Colchester (50) and the Lyme (28). The Aquilon and the Colchester fought together during seven hours and parted on mutual consent. The former is said to have lost more than 60 killed and many wounded including her captain who lost an arm.

In 1757, the Aquilon was chased by the Antelope (54). After a two-hours action, in which she lost 30 killed and 25 wounded, she was driven ashore, struck on the rocks of Audierne Bay and was totally lost.


Technical specifications
Guns 42
1st deck 22 x 12-pdrs
2nd deck 20 x 6-pdrs
Crew 300
Length 127 feet (38.71 m)
Width 35 feet (10.67 m)
Depth 17 feet (5.18 m)
Displacement 700 tons


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