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Origin and History

The frigate was built by Elias Bird at Rotherhithe and launched on July 20 1758.

During the Seven Years' War, the frigate was under the command of:

  • in 1759: captain John Bladen Tinker
  • in 1761-62: captain Richard King

The frigate was broken at Portsmouth on November 8 1776.

Service during the War

In the summer and autumn of 1759, the frigate was part of commodore William Boys' squadron blockading the French squadron of Thurot at Dunkerque. In October, Boys' squadron was driven from his station by a gale. On October 15 at 5:00 PM, Thurot seized the opportunity, slipped out through a thick fog and made to the northward. Boys followed as soon as possible but was not able to overtake Thurot. Ultimately, Boys contented himself with cruising off the coast of Scotland with the object of preventing any sudden raid there.

On June 11 1761, the frigate captured the French privateer Maréchal Duc de Biron (15) which was sailing back for Dunkerque and brought him back to Nore.

On February 22 1762, the frigate sailed from England, transporting colonel William Draper to India. In September, she took part in the expedition against Manila. On October 4, along with the Panther (60), she was sent in search of a Spanish galleon Santa Philippina sailing from Acapulco to Manilla. They did not find the galleon but, on October 31, sighted and captured the Santissima Trinidad (60) which was transporting a treasure from Manilla to Acapulco. For this reason the Spanish ship carried only 13 guns instead of her usual 60.

To do: more details on the campaign from 1760 to 1762


Technical specifications
Guns 28 and 12 swivels
Gundeck 24 x 9-pdrs
Quarterdeck 4 x 3-pdrs
Forecastle none
Crew approx. 200 men
Length at gundeck 118 ft 6 in (36.11 m.)
Width 34 ft (10.35 m.)
Depth 10 ft 6 in (3.20 m.)
Displacement 601 tons


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