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<small>Hierarchical Path: [[Main Page|Seven Years' War (Main Page)]] &gt;&gt; {{PAGENAME}}</small>
<small>Hierarchical Path: [[Main Page|Seven Years' War (Main Page)]] &gt;&gt; {{PAGENAME}}</small>
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!Some terminology...
!Some terminology...

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years' War (Main Page) >> Armies

Germania Figuren Advertising

Germania Figuren produces a growing range of resin 1/72 figurines for the period of the Seven Years' War. The range already includes Hungarian fusiliers and grenadiers as well as Grenzer infantry, and Austrian cuirassiers, dragoons and artillery. Hungarian hussars will soon be added. The first Prussian and Russian units are available since the autumn of 2017.

Some terminology...
Official names of the armies of the period

Terminology used for flags

...a tentative Colour Chart for uniforms and flags
...information about Prisoners of war during this period
...and explanations on these confusing Hessian armies
During the Seven Years' War, there were two distinct Hessian landgravates fielding units: Hessen-Darmstadt and Hessen-Kassel. Furthermore, these landgravates fought on different sides. Finally, to make things more complicated, there was a county of Hessen-Hanau which was part of the landgravate of Hessen-Kassel. The article Hessian Armies clarifies the situation and helps to distinguish these two armies.

The following armies were involved in the Seven Years War:

Major states aligned with Austria Major states aligned with Prussia
Austria (135 articles)

France (291 articles)

Russia (125 articles)

Saxony (36 articles)

Spain (80 articles)

Sweden (57 articles)

Holy Roman Empire ("Reichsarmee") (32 articles)

Great Britain (169 articles)

Hanover (65 articles)

Portugal (62 articles)

Prussia (186 articles)

Minor states aligned with Austria Minor states aligned with Prussia
Bavaria (17 articles)

Hessen-Darmstadt (10 articles)

Modena (9 articles)

Palatinate (15 articles)

Württemberg (25 articles)

Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (19 articles)

Hessen-Kassel (37 articles)

Schaumburg-Lippe (4 articles)