Bavarian Line Infantry Uniforms

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Hat and Fatigue Cap

Bavarian line infantry were expected to wear a tricorne, laced in either white or yellow tape. The front corner of the hat was to be worn directly over the right eye.

Grenadiers wore a bearskin cap, similar to the Austrian model.

Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches

Gaiters and Shoes


Leather Equipment

Peculiarities of Drummers and Fifers

Peculiarities of NCOs

Peculiarities of Officers

The officers were officially to wear a hat with either silver or gold tape. This depended on the regiment to which the officer belonged.

The junior and senior officers were then distinguished by the canes they were to carry. Junior officers were issued "Spanish reeds", whereas the senior officers carried a much heavier stick. This stick was to taper from thumb to index-finger width. The cane in both cases was meant to be used for discipline, with the thickness regulated to prevent "unnecessary mutilation".



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