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Origin and History

In 1739, England raised six Marine regiments. Four additional regiments were raised in 1741.

In 1748, all these Marine regiments, including their officers were placed on half-pay.

Early in 1755, on the eve of war, the Parliament voted an establishment of 5,000 marines in 50 companies in 3 Grand Divisions> These divisions were based in Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham. This was the first time that marine troops were established on a regular basis.

N.B.: the title "Royal" was not awarded to Marine regiments before 1802.

Service during the War

Throughout the Seven Years' War the number of Marine troops constantly increased. By 1757, they consisted of 11,419 marines in 70 companies. In 1758, there were 14,585 marines in 100 companies. Finally, in 1762, the number of marine troops reached 19,061 men in 135 companies.

In 1763, after the peace, the total effective force of Marine regiments was dramatically reduced to 4,287 marines.



Very few information available for the moment.

Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne laced yellow and a black cockade (left side)
Grenadier British mitre with: red back
Neckstock n/a
Coat brick red laced with red and blue stripes
Collar none
Shoulder Straps n/a
Lapels white
Pockets n/a
Cuffs n/a
Turnbacks n/a
Waistcoat white
Breeches white
Gaiters n/a
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt n/a
Waistbelt n/a
Cartridge Box n/a
Bayonet Scabbard n/a
Scabbard n/a
Footgear black shoes


not yet available


not yet available


not yet available


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