Charleston Artillery

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Origin and History

N.B.: this page is a stub which will soon be populated with detailed information on this unit.

To do: date of creation and regimental history before the SYW.
To do: brief presentation of the organisation of the regiment at the start of the SYW
and indication of any change in organisation during the SYW with date of change.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

To do: identification of the successive commanders during the SYW with dates

Service during the War

To do: description of the actions of the regiment during the war.


To do: for the uniform table please replace all “???” with the corresponding information.
If the information is not available, indicate “n/a” in italic character.
If there was no such element, indicate “none” in italic character.


Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne laced ???, ??? pom poms, ??? cockade
Grenadier ???
Neckstock ???
Coat ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Collar none
Shoulder Straps ???
Lapels ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Pockets horizontal/vertical??? pockets, each with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Cuffs ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Turnbacks ??? fastened with a ??? button
Waistcoat ??? with ??? pockets, each with ??? buttons
Breeches ???
Gaiters ???
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt ???
Waistbelt ???
Cartridge Box ???
Bayonet Scabbard ???
Scabbard ???
Footgear ???

Troopers were armed with ???.






Colonel Flag: ???

Regimental Flag: ???


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