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Origin and History

The company was raised in early 1756. It recruited among two battalions of New England Provincials stationed in Nova Scotia. It usually numbered some 100 men (colonists from New England, Scots and Irish immigrants, and a half-dozen Indians). The company was modeled on Gorham's Rangers.

In 1762, the company was increased to 125 men for the expedition against Cuba.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was commanded by:

  • from 1756: Captain Benoni Danks
  • from September 23, 1762: Captain Andrew Watson

Service during the War

At its creation in 1756, the company was stationed at Fort Cumberland on the Isthmus of Chignecto.

In 1758, the company took part in the expedition against the Fortress of Louisbourg.

In 1759, the company took part in the expedition against of Québec. On July 9, a skirmish occurred near the Montmorency Fall. Danks' Rangers were attacked and defeated by a party of Canadians and Ottawa Indians who was in turn repulsed by the grenadiers of the 28th Foot. Danks lost 13 killed and 7 wounded, the 60th Royal American lost 14 killed and several wounded. The Canadians lost 4 killed and 1 wounded, the Indians 3 killed and 4 wounded. After Danks was seriously wounded, the unit was absorbed into the ranger company of Captain Moses Hazen.

In 1762, the company took part in the expedition against Cuba. During the siege of Havana, half its men died from tropical disease. The company was then disbanded and its survivors incorporated in British infantry regiments present at the siege.

The unit was disbanded at the end of the war.


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The unit probably had no colour.


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