Dunn's Rangers

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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Armies >> British Army >> Dunn's Rangers

Origin and History

The unit was raised by Captain Hezekiah Dunn in New Jersey in September 1757.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was commanded by:

  • in 1757 and 1758: Captain Hezekiah Dunn

Service during the War

On June 13 1758, the unit ambushed a party of 50 Indians near Westfall (NY).



Uniform - Source: Ibrahim90
Uniform Details
Musketeer Black peaked cap with a sprig of leaves on the left side.
Grenadier none
Neckstock n/a
Coat grey woolen Jerkin, with white buttons, unlaced.
Collar grey
Shoulder Straps n/a
Lapels grey with 7 white buttons.
Pockets horizontal pockets with three white buttons
Cuffs n/a
Turnbacks n/a
Waistcoat green
Breeches leather breeches
Gaiters Indian leggings, or grey/black gaiters
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt n/a
Waistbelt n/a
Cartridge Box n/a
Bayonet Scabbard none
Scabbard ???
Footgear Indian moccasins or black shoes

Troopers were armed with ???.






The unit probably had no colour.


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