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Origin and History

In 1747, when the Bavarian Freikorps was disbanded, Balthasar Peter Pindter, formerly bailiff, was authorised by the Elector to raise his own civil dismounted troops of 39 men (SGBH, 160).

On 29 April 1757, the so-called Streif Corps was converted into a regulated Freikompanie (free company) and increased to 60, later 100 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was under the command of:

On April 24 1765, the Freikompanie Pindter was disbanded in Munich. The same day, its former soldiers were incorporated into the newly raised Freibataillon Piosasque. übernommen.

Service during the War

The Freikompanie remained in Bavaria during the Seven Years' War.


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The Freikompanie probably did not carry any colour.


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