Gens d'armes zu Pferd

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Origin and History

The regiment was raised on May 1 1760.

The regiment counted four squadrons.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

  • from May 1760: Lieutenant-colonel Hartmann von Chumb-Neuburg
  • from November 1760: Major-general Karl Friedrich von Wöllwarth

On August 31 1765, the regiment was disbanded.

Service during the War

The regiment did not take part to the war.


We don't have any valuable information about the uniform of the Gens d'armes zu Pferd regiment. The only thing we know is that this regiment was in fact a heavy cavalry regiment (like a Cuirassiers regiment) and, so, wore a cuirass or a breastplate.


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Until 1750, the officer’s sash was in the imperial colours: gold/black. At the beginning of the 1750´s, probably in 1752, when the Württemberg Army received the new dark blue uniforms, the sash was changed to the new Württemberg Knüpfmuster (knotted pattern): white (silver for staff officers and generals), yellow and red. Gold and red were the original Württemberg colours since 1593. So, during the Seven Years’ War, the Württemberg sash was white (resp. silver), yellow and red.


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Volker Scholz for the information on the sash of the officers