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Capital Kassel
Language(s) German
Religion Protestant (Calvinist) (in 1749 the ruler Friedrich II became Roman Catholic)
Population not yet available
Government Landgraviate (Landgrafschaft)
Dependencies Hanau was a county (Grafschaft) belonging to Hessen-Kassel. Wilhelm IX was Graf of Hessen-Hanau prior to ascending the throne of Hessen-Kassel; he was also the crown prince (Erbprinz) of Hessen-Kassel up to 1785.
Rulers The rulers of Hessen-Kassel were as follows:
  • Wilhelm IV (1567-1592), son of Philip I
  • Moritz (1592-1627), abdicated in favour of his son
  • Wilhelm V (1627-1637)
  • Wilhelm VI (1637-1663)
  • Amalie Elisabeth (1637, 1650)
  • Wilhelm VII (1663-1670)
  • Hedwig-Sophie von Brandenburg (regent) (1663-1677)
  • Karl I (1670-1730)
  • Friedrich I (1730-1751)
  • Wilhelm VIII (1751-1760)
  • Friedrich II (1760-1785)
Army see the article Hessen-Kassel Army
Navy none
History In 1567 Hessen was partitioned into the Landgrafschaft (Landgraviates) of Hessen-Darmstadt and Hessen-Kassel, each going its own separate way.

Late in the XVIII Century, the heir apparent (crown prince or Erbprinz) of Hessen-Kassel (Wilhelm, son of Friedrich II of Hesse-Kassel) was made Graf von Hessen-Hanau, which was part of the state of Hessen-Kassel. Both these states sent regiments to America to help Britain fight against the American rebels in their war of independence.


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