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Origin and History

In 1757, the Elector of Pfalz (Palatinate) contributed 2 cuirassier squadrons to the Reichsarmee. They were combined with 1 squadron contributed by the Upper-Rhine Circle to form a regiment of 3 squadrons (book strength of 450 men) taken from two of his regular regiments:

  1. Reiter Regiment Prinz Friedrich Michael von Zweibrücken (2 sqns of 3 coys each = 2nd and 3rd squadron of the original regiment)
  2. Oberrheinische Kreiseskadron (1 sqn of 3 coys)

This regiment was also known as the von Hatzfeld Carabiniers.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

  • since 1757: no information found yet

Service during the War

In 1757, the regiment joined the Reichsarmee operating in Thuringia. In August, this army combined with a French contingent under the Prince de Soubise to form the Franco-Imperial Army for the planned reconquest of Saxony. Soubise rated the various units of the Reichsarmee, considering this regiment as "mediocre". By August 5, the regiment counted 340 men fit for duty. On November 5, it fought at the Battle of Rossbach where it was deployed in the first line of the right wing under the Prince von Hohenzollern. The regiment suffered heavy losses during this battle.

By mid-August 1759, during the Austro-Imperial campaign in Saxony, the regiment was attached to Zweibrücken's Corps. On September 8, the regiment took part in the Combat of Zinna where it was deployed in the first line of the cavalry left wing. On September 21, it was again engaged in the Combat of Korbitz where it was deployed in Kleefeld's Division. Finally, on November 20, it took part in the Battle of Maxen where an Austro-Imperial army captured the Prussian Corps of Lieutenant-general Finck.

On August 20 1760, the regiment took part in the Combat of Strehla.


Each contingent forming this regiment (Prinz Friedrich Cavalry and the Oberrheinische Kreiseskadron) retained its own uniform.


no information found yet


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