Légion Britannique Dragoons

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Origin and History

The unit was amalgamated in 1762 from the five dragoon squadrons of the individual Legion battalions and placed under the command of Major von Hattorf.

Service during the War

The unit was intended for the Kleinkrieg and fought many skirmish actions.

On July 31 1660, at the Battle of Warburg, the five battalions of the Legion were on the right flank under the command of Lieutenant-general Hardenberg.

On July 16 1761, at the Battle of Vellinghausen, the five battalions were part of the reserve.

By October 22 1762, the amalgamated dragoon regiment was at Kirchhain under the command of Major von Hattorf.


Trooper of the 1st dragoon squadron of the Légion Britannique
Copyright: Franco Saudelli

The dragoons were amalgamated in 1762 from the five distinct battalions listed below to form a single regiment. At the time, the five individual squadrons retained their old uniforms from their original battalion. All of the squadrons had the same horse furniture.

Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth red with white bordering and a white GR cypher and crown in the corner
Sabretache red with white bordering and a white GR cypher and crown in the centre
Blanket roll red

Troopers were armed with a straight steel hilted sword, two pistols and a carbine. The carbine was slung from the shoulder belt on a swivel hook. The mounted troops wore cavalry boots.


Would have been uniformed as before the amalgamation.


Not known


Not known


Gmundner Prachtwerk

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