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Müffling, Philipp Christoph Baron von (aka Weiss)

Austrian General Feldwachtmeister (1757-60), Feldmarshall Lieutenant (1760-77)

born 1702

died August 28, 1777, Eger, Bohemia, Habsburg Domain


As early as the 13th century, this family lived in Bavaria and Upper-Palatinate. By the mid-16th century, it was known as Müffling called Weiss. Several relatives of Philipp Christoph later served in the Prussian Army (Friedrich Wilhelm 1742–1808 as major-general; Karl 1775–1851 as field-marshall).

Philipp Christoph Baron Müffling was born in 1702. His father was Georg Wilhelm, the treasurer of the Electorate of Saxony and of the Kingdom of Poland. His mother was Dorothea von Steindörfl.

Philipp Christoph served in Baden-Baden Infantry.

In 1745, during the War of the Austrian Succession, Baden-Baden Infantry took part in the battles of Hohenfriedberg and Soor.

From 1748 to 1757, Philipp Christoph was colonel and commandant of this Baden-Baden Infantry.

By 1756, Philipp Christoph and his regiment were stationed in Transylvania.

On January 17 1757, Philipp Christoph Baron von Müffling was promoted to General Feldwachtmeister (major-general). In June of the same year, during the campaign in Lusatia, he commanded an infantry brigade. According to an order of battle, this brigade consisted of Joseph Esterházy Infantry and Nikolaus Esterházy Infantry and was posted in the first line under General Kheul. Another order of battle, dated from July, places him at the head of an infantry brigade consisting of Roth Würzburg Infantry and one battalion of Deutschmeister Infantry with its grenadiers. This infantry brigade was deployed in the second line under FZM Marschall.

On January 9 1760, Philipp Christoph was promoted to Feldmarshall Lieutenant, retroactively to February 23 1758.

After the Seven Years' War, in 1764, Philipp Christoph Baron von Müffling was appointed commandant of Eger (present-day Cheb/CZ). He remained in these functions until his death.

On August 28 1777, Philipp Christoph Baron von Müffling died at Eger. He had never married.


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