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Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Navies >> French Navy >> Melampe (36)


Hierarchical Path: Seven Years War (Main Page) >> Navies >> British Navy >> Melampe (36)

Origin and History

This frigate was built in France and requisitioned for coast guard service in 1757.

The frigate was captured by the British Tartar (28) in November 1757 and acquired by the Royal Navy, retaining her original name.

During the Seven Years' War, the frigate was under the command of:

  • in the French service
    • no information found yet
  • in the British service
    • from April 1758: Captain William Hotham
    • from May 19 1761 to May 5 1763: Captain John Clerke

The frigate was beached in Antigua in 1764 and later sold.

Service during the War

French Service

In 1757, the frigate was requisitioned to serve as a coast guard. On November 2, she was taken by the Tartar (28) after a long chase and a stubborn action. She was acquired by the Royal Navy and kept her name.

British Service

On July 20 1758, the frigate captured the privateer Dange.

On March 20 1759, the frigate along with the Southampton (32) engaged two French frigates in the North Sea. The frigate confronted the enemy alone for 45 minutes and suffered some damages. When the Southampton finally arrived to the rescue, they captured the Danaé (40) while the other French frigate escaped.

In June 1761, the frigate took part in the expedition against Belle-Isle.

On August 24 1762, the frigate sailed for the coasts of Africa and then to the Leeward Islands.


Technical specifications
Guns 36 (in 1757 in the Marine Royale)
Gun deck 26 x 12-pdrs
Quarterdeck and Forecastle 10 x 6-pdrs
Guns 36 (in 1758 in the Royal Navy)
Gundeck 26 x 12-pdrs
Quarterdeck 8 x 6-pdrs
Forecastle 2 x 6-pdrs
Crew 400 men in the French service; 240 men in the British service
Length at gundeck 134 ft 6 in (40.85 m)
Width 35 ft 6 in (10.70 m)
Depth 11 ft 3 in (3.36 m)
Displacement 747 tons BM


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is partly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.