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Origin and History

Fusilier of the Migueletes Catalanes - Source: Conde de Clonard, Álbum de la Infantería española reproduced with the kind authorisation of the Asociación Cultural de Modelismo Histórico Alabarda

The unit was raised on August 6 1735 and was originally designated as Fusileros de Montaña.

During the War of the Polish Succession, the regiment served in Italy in 1735.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment served in Italy, distinguishing itself in various actions (Fayola on June 17 and 18 1744, Cruceta on August 25 1745).

Some sources mention that the regiment was disbanded in 1749.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

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Service during the War

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Uniform in 1759 - Source: Ibrahim90
Uniform Details as per
the El Ejército de Fernando VI
Musketeer black tricorne laced silver with a red cockade
Grenadier no grenadiers in this unit
Neckstock black
Coat blue lined encarnado (red)
Collar none
Shoulder Straps none
Lapels none
Pockets n/a
Cuffs n/a
Turnbacks n/a
Waistcoat encarnado with sleeves
Breeches blue baggy trousers
Gaiters no gaiters but white stockings and espadrilles
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt natural leather
Waistbelt natural leather
Cartridge Box natural leather
Bayonet Scabbard natural leather
Scabbard none

Armaments consisted of a musket, a bayonet and a pair of pistols.


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Juan José Torres and the Asociación Cultural de Modelismo Histórico Alabarda for the information and counselling provided for this article.