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In 1762, at the outbreak of war with Spain, the Portuguese artillery consisted of 2 regiments (Corte and Alentejo), each fielding between 1,440 and 1,540 men. The field artillery park consisted of 47 pieces.

Field-Artillery by 1762

By August 15 1762, the field artillery park totaled 47 pieces and consisted of:

  • 19 x 6-pdr or 4-pdr guns
  • 6 x long 6-pdr guns
  • 16 x short 6-pdr guns
  • 6 x howitzers.

Of these 47 pieces, 10 were in Viseu with Townshend's corps, 6 were part of the column of the count of Santiago and 8 (2 howitzers and 6 short 6-pdrs) were with the British Auxiliary Forces.

Evolution of the field Artillery throughout the War

On August 15 1762, the park was reinforced with several guns of various calibres.

Artillery Pieces


4-pdr Cannon

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Short 6-pdr Cannon

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Long 6-pdr Cannon

no information available yet


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Gun Carriages

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Manuel Ribeiro Rodrigues and Joseph O'Neil for the initial version of this article.