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Origin and History

According to a Cabinet Ordre dated July 16 1757, a company of 400 recruited sailors was established in Stettin.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was under the command of:

  • since July 16 1757: Ship Captain Keller

The Prussian flotilla of the Lagoon of Stettin was disbanded on May 29 1762 and each vessel returned to its former role as merchant or fishing ships.

Service during the War

The sailors took part in all actions of the Prussian flotilla operating in the Lagoon of Stettin.



For duty, sailors had no uniform. However, for gala, they wore:

  • a white mirliton (without wing) decorated with a black eagle
  • a white jacket
  • white breeches
  • a red sash decorated, in front, with a black eagle.


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Officers were dressed in the usual officer uniform of the Prussian Army:

  • black tricorne laced with a wide golden braid; black cockade
  • Prussian blue coat without turnback, 6 gilt buttons (arranged 2-2-2) on the chest on each side
  • Prussian blue Prussian cuffs with 2 gilt buttons on the sleeve flap above each cuff
  • Prussian blue waistcoat with gilt buttons
  • Prussian blue breeches


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