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Origin and History

The ship was built at Portsmouth in 1749 and launched on February 8 1749.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • 1756: captain Arthur Gardiner

The ship was wrecked in 1760.

Service during the War

In 1756, the ship was part of Byng's squadron sent to relieve Fort St. Philip besieged by a French amphibious force who had invaded the island of Minorca. She was the flagship of admiral Byng. The squadron set sail from England on April 10. On May 2, it arrived at Gibraltar. On May 19, it came into sight of Fort St. Philip. The French fleet then advanced to meet Byng. On May 20, the squadron fought the battle of Minorca. Several British ships were seriously damaged but none was lost on either side. After a council of war on board the Ramillies, Byng gave orders to return to Gibraltar, abandoning Minorca to its fate.

In August 1757, the ship joined the fleet assembling at Spithead under the command of sir Edward Hawke. On September 8, this fleet sailed. It escorted 45 transports carrying more then 7,000 foot for an expedition against an undisclosed French port of the Atlantic coast. The raid was finally intended against Rochefort but failed lamentably. On October 6, the expeditionary force, returned home with no tangible results.

On February 15 1760, the ship was wrecked at Bolt Head near Plymouth as she was returning to this harbour. Only 26 of the 725 crew survived.

To do: campaigns from 1758 to 1760


Technical specifications
Guns 90
1st deck ???
2nd deck ???
3rd deck ???
Crew 725
Length ???
Width ???
Depth ???
Displacement ???


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