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Origin and History

The frigate was built by François-Guillaume Clarin Deslauriers at Rochefort in 1755. She was acquired by the Marine Royale in September 1757 and first commissioned in April 1758.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • in the French service:
    • no information found
  • in the British service:
    • from August 1759: Captain John Carter Allen
    • from November 1762 to 1763: Captain Peregrine Bertie

The frigate was captured by the Vestal (32) on February 21 1759 and acquired by the British Royal Navy on June 14 of the same year and renamed “H.M.S. Repulse”.

The frigate foundered in Bermudas in December 1776.

Service during the War

French service

On January 16 1759, the frigate, along with the Florissant left Martinique to bring governor's letters to France. These vessels were chased by Moore's squadron but managed to escape. Soon the Bellona lost sight of the Florissant and proceeded to France alone. On February 21, upon entering the Channel, she was sighted by the Vestal (32) and the Trent (28) who gave chase. The Vestal (32) engaged and captured her and brought her to Spithead.

British service

At the beginning of 1760, the frigate “Repulse” captured the privateer Chevalier de Bavro. On March 10, she sailed for Canada as part of a squadron under the command of Commodore John Byron, convoying workers from Great Britain to demolish the fortifications at Louisbourg. On June 27, the frigate along with the Fame (74), Scarborough (22) sailed with great difficulties into the mouth of the Restigouche river to engage the small French squadron sent for the reinforcement of Canada, who had taken refuge in this river. During the engagement of July 8, she was much damaged and was sent to Halifax to refit while Byron returned to Louisbourg with the rest of his squadron to complete the razing of the fortifications of Louisbourg.

In June 1761, the frigate took part in the expedition against Dominica.

In January and February 1762, the frigate took part in the expedition against Martinique.


Technical specifications
Guns 32
Gundeck 28 x 8-pdrs
Quarterdeck 4 x 4-pdrs
Forecastle none
Crew 220
Length at gundeck 37.36
Width 10.66 m
Depth 3.31 m
Displacement 676 tons BM


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