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Russian Dragoon Musket M1748-M1753

Russian Dragoon Musket M1748-M1753 - Source: detail of an illustration in L. K. Makovskaya's book
(see the Reference section of more info)

Technical details
Characteristic as per Makovskaya
Overall length 1425 mm
Length of barrel 1040 mm
Calibre 17.3 mm
Weight 4.2 kg

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1758

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1758 - Source: photography taken by Roman Shlygin at the Tula Museum of Arms

Technical details
Characteristic Specimen of the
Tula Museum of Arms
Overall length 500 mm
Length of barrel 320 mm
Calibre 17.3 mm
Weight not available


Makovskaya, L. K.: Ручное огнестрельное оружие Русской Армии конца XIV - XVIII веков (Firearms of Russian Army from the end of XIVth to XVIIIth Century), Moscow 1992

Tula Museum of Arms


Roman Shlygin for the initial version of this article.