Saint-Ignon, Jean-Baptiste Comte de

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Saint-Ignon, Jean-Baptiste Comte de

(not to be confused with his brother Saint-Ignon, Jean-Antoine-Joseph Comte de who also served with the Austrian Army)

Austrian Colonel (1757-58), General Feldwachtmeister (1758-63)

Small Cross of the Maria Theresien Order

born in 17??

died January 5, 1763


Jean-Baptiste was the son of Anselme de Saint-Ignon and of Gabrielle de Gourdon.

In 1736, Jean-Baptiste joined the Austrian Charles de Saint-Ignon Cuirassiers.

In 1741, Jean-Baptiste obtained the captaincy of a squadron of the same regiment.

In 1746, Jean-Baptiste was promoted to major in the same regiment.

In 1753, Jean-Baptiste was promoted to lieutenant-colonel in the same regiment (now known as Kalkreuth Cuirassiers.

In 1757, Jean-Baptiste was promoted to colonel-commander in the same regiment. On June 18, he distinguished himself at the Battle of Kolin where he was posted with his regiment in the first line of the right wing under the command of Benedikt Daun. During this battle, he received 7 sabre blows, two of them on his head. His cuirassiers carried him to the first-aid post, but he soon returned to the battlefield and fought till the end. On December 5, Jean-Baptiste took part in the Battle of Leuthen where he lost his left eye. On his way to Breslau to look after his wound, he was taken prisoner by the Prussians.

In 1758, Jean-Baptiste seems to have been exchanged in the early months of the year. On June 18, during the Prussian invasion of Moravia and the Siege of Olmütz, he was attached to de Ville's Corps. In June, Jean-Baptiste received command of a small corps (Herzog Württemberg Dragoons, Löwenstein Chevauxlegers, Dessewffy Hussars, Prinz Karl Chevauxlegers, Graf Rudnicki Uhlanen and 1,000 men of the Karlstädter-Lykaner Grenzer). On June 17, at the head of this corps, Jean-Baptiste distinguished himself in the attack of Prussian outposts at Holitz and Wisternitz, capturing a standard of Bredow Cuirassiers and of a pair of silver kettle-drums of Bayreuth Dragoons. On October 14, Jean-Baptiste took part in the Battle of Hochkirch where he captured three guns and a standard. On November 2, he was promoted to General Feldwachtmeister (GFWM). On December 4, Jean-Baptiste received the Small Cross of the Maria-Theresa Order.

On November 3 1760, Jean-Baptiste took part in the Battle of Torgau where he commanded the reserve cavalry brigade. During combat, he was taken prisoner by the Prussians.

On January 5 1763, exhausted by his wounds, Jean-Baptiste Comte de Saint-Ignon died in captivity.


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