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Hat and Fatigue Cap

The hats were in the same fashion as the line cavalry: black felt tricorns with either gold or silver lace, and red cockades.

Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches

All dragoons, with the exception the Reina dragoons, wore yellow coats faced in regimental colors. Reina Itself wore red faced blue. the coats were more similar to the infantry model, with turnbacks colored the same as the cuffs (exception was segunto, with yellow turnbacks. Arguably, the Dragoons also had the most outlandish button designs, with large laces (e.g Lusitania), laces with tassels, similar to the prussians (Belgica), or simple thread lace (Frisia). one regiment, Pavia, had large buttons arranged vertically in three rows, so that the fron two rows had six large button, the rear row with two small buttons, to the bottom. the coats could be lapelled or unlapelled, and the lapelled ones were often laced on the edges (e.g Btavia).

waistcoats were colored the same as the cuffs and turnbacks, except Lusitania. they were also often laced.

all regiments had yellow or white aiguelettes on the right shoulder, depending on button color.

breeches were colored as the cuff was, again exceptin Lusitania

Boots, Gaiters, Shoes

As er the Album de Taccoli, all regiments wore black gaiters, with black buttons and a black garter.

shoes were in the infantry model and black.

Armament and Leather Equipment

each dragoon carried with him a sword, arrange in the same manner as the line cavalry, an like them, carried their pistols in Sebertaches. they may have carried a carbine into battle as well.

Horse, saddlery and harnessing

the decorations the dragoons had were in the same fashion as the line cavalry. Most had the same color as the cuffs of the troopers uniform, laced in the color of his uniforms buttons. same applied to the reins and mane tassels.

Sabertaches were round, and in the same fashion as the line cavalry, so they were decorated in the manner of the saddlecloths.

Peculiarites of Drummers and Trumpeters

like the line cavalry, little is known of the dragoon regiments' musicians, but they most likely wore reversed colors (e.g rein had red faced blue, so the musicians had blue faced red).

Peculiarites of Non Commissioned Officers


Peculiarites of Officers



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Clonard, conde de, Álbum de la Caballeria española


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