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Origin and History

The ship was built by A. Sutherland (А. Сютерланд) at the Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg. The keel was laid down on December 27, 1758 (December 16 old style, abbreviated O.S. in this article). She was launched on May 17, 1762 (May 6 O.S.). She was attached to the Fleet of the Baltic Sea.

Initially the ship was named "Prince George", but when Catherine II acceded to the throne she renamed her "Svyataya Ekaterina" (St. Catherine).

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of: in 1762: no information found yet

The ship was written off of the fleet in 1773.

Service during the War

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Technical specifications
Guns 80*
1st gun deck 26 x 24-pdrs (Russian pounds)
2nd gun deck 26 x 16-pdrs (Russian pounds)
3rd gun deck 26 x 8-pdrs (Russian pounds)
Quarterdeck and Forecastle 8 x 6-pdrs (Russian pounds)
Crew no information found yet
Length at gun deck 51.51 m (169')
Width 14.12 m (46' 4”)
Depth in Hold 6.27 m (20' 7”)
Displacement no information found yet

(*) nominal number of guns



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