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Origin and History

The French privateer “Marie Victoire” was captured on March 27 1757 by the Tartar (28) and incorporated into the British Royal Navy under the name of “Tartar's Prize”.

During the Seven Years' War, the frigate was under the command of:

  • from March 30 1757 to March 3 1760: captain Thomas Baillie

The frigate was wrecked on March 2 1760.

Service during the War

On July 17 1757, the frigate captured the French privateer “Marquise de Châteaunois”. On October 24, she sailed for the Mediterranean.

In 1759, the frigate took part in the operations in the Mediterranean. On August 18, she was present at the victorious battle of Lagos.

In 1760, the frigate served in the Mediterranean. On March 2, she foundered off Sardinia.


Technical specifications
Guns 24
Gun deck 20 x 6-pdrs
Quarterdeck 4 x 9-pdrs
Forecastle none
Crew 160
Length at gundeck 117 ft 3 in (35.74 m)
Width 28 ft 4 in (8.64 m)
Depth 13 ft 3 in (4.04 m)
Displacement 425 tons


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is partly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.