Lawcourt at the Delphinion

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A lawcourt known as the "Lawcourt at the Delphinion"" was erected around 500 BC to the southwest of the Olympeion and to the west of the Temple of Apollo Delphinios.

To build this lawcourt, the hill had to be quarried. Consequently, one side of the precinct was delimited by a cliff. An archaic wall, known as the periphrakton, enclosed the other sides.

The lawcourt proper measured 21.5 m wide by 11.2 m deep and consisted of a square central hall flanked by two narrower halls. The archaic building had polygonal limestone walls. It general appearance was probably quite similar to that of the Old Bouleuterion.

Later Features

Somewhere during the 4th or 3rd century BC, partition walls were added in each lateral halls while the eastern hall was floored with a mosaic of pebbles.


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