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Welcome to Project Athinai brought to you by Kronoskaf the virtual time machine!

Project Athinai is a knowledge base exclusively dedicated to Athens in 421 BC.

As a new user, you might be interested to know the following things:

You are allowed to modify most pages. Only the main page and some pages used as portals on specific topics are protected. For any change to these pages, you have to send a request to our webmaster at

webmaster AT kronoskaf DOT com

N.B.: the address is written this way to avoid spamming, just transform it into the usual format to send us an email.

Please consult the To do list on our community page to identify the current tasks where we need assistance.

Before starting to edit pages, we recommend you to:

  • become familiar with the site, its general presentation, the usual organization of the type of pages that you intend to modify
  • learn about wikitext format, a very easy markup language used in this site (an excellent tutorial is available on Wikipedia Help Page)
  • familiarize yourself with our editing policies, especially the section dealing with respect of copyrights, before publishing new material

Editing Policies

Since Project Athinai is a knowledge base, its policies might be different from those of other wikis. For instance, users are not allowed to create pages. Initial empty pages are created by the webmaster according to specific templates to maintain a strong coherence throughout the knowledge base. However, once created articles (other than those classified as portals) can be freely edited by registered users. Unregistered users (those without a Username) can only read the articles. If you feel that you have the profile to become a contributor (registered user) to this knowledge base, please contact the Webmaster at the address given at the beginning of this page. When doing so, explain the reasons why you want to become a contributor and give a brief summary of your expertise.

Avoid bias, keep a neutral point of view when contributing to articles.

Don't infringe copyrights:

  • Material infringing copyrights must not be added. In case of doubt please verify with the Webmaster
  • Kronoskaf has no tolerance for copyright violations in our knowledge base, and we actively strive to find and remove any that we find.

Respect other contributors and be civil to them.

Realize that Project Athinai is free content so that your contributions can be mercilessly edited and redistributed at will. All contributions to Project Athinai are released under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.. This means that you can freely use material originating from the Project Athinai knowledge base providing that you credit authors, relicense the material under GFDL and allow free access to it.

Make sure that your contributions are verifiable. Cite your sources in the "References" section of any article that you edit.

State precisely your sources when submitting an image to the Webmaster to upload it in the knowledge base. Note that only the webmaster is allowed to upload images.

Stick to the basic template for a given type of page.

Always add a short summary depicting your edits.

Sign your interventions in the "Talk pages" but not your edits of the articles themselves.

Preview your edits before saving them it avoids a lots of "minor edits".

Move your discussion to the "Talk pages" when you argument with another user about the content of a given article. Edit the article once you have come to an agreement. Controversial pages will be protected to stop contradictory edits.

Help us protect the articles against any vandalism. Please revert vandalized articles to their previous version and advise the Webmaster.

Kronoskaf reserves the right:

  • to temporarily delete or protect a controversial article
  • to block disruptive users from editing for short or long amounts of time


This page is a derivative work from the Wikipedia welcome page and Wikipedia Policies and guidelines