1701 – Imperialist invasion of Northern Italy – Imperialist OOB 18 July

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Hierarchical Path: War of the Spanish Succession (Main Page) >> Campaigns >> 1701 – Imperialist invasion of Northern Italy >> Order of battle of the Imperial army on 18 July


Order of battle of the Imperial army on 17 or 18 July 1701.

Commander-in-chief: Prince Eugène de Savoie seconded by FM Prince von Commercy and FZM Count Guido von Starhemberg

First Line Second Line
Right Wing under GdC Prince Thomas de Vaudémont and GFWM Count von Serény
Savoyen Dragoons (6 sqns)

Taaffe Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Commercy Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Vaudémont Cuirassiers (6 sqns)

FML Count von Pálffy seconded by GFWM Marquis Visconti

Pálffy Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Commercy Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Taaffe Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Savoyen Dragoons (1 troop)
Visconti Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Visconti Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Pálffy Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Vaudémont Cuirassiers (1 troop)

Centre under GFWM Count Bagni and GFWM von Guttenstein
Alt-Starhemberg Infantry (3 bns)

Nigrelli Infantry (3 bns)
Herberstein Infantry (2 bns)
Bagni Infantry (2 bns)
Guido Starhemberg Infantry (3 bns)
Mansfeld Infantry (3 bns)

FML Count von Herberstein assisted by Count Daun

Alt-Starhemberg Infantry (1 bn)
Nigrelli Infantry (1 bn)
Guttenstein Infantry (4 bns)
Herberstein Infantry (1 bn)
Jung-Daun Infantry (4 bns)
Bagni Infantry (1 bn)
Guido Starhemberg Infantry (1 bn)

Left Wing under GFWM Count von Dietrichstein
Corbelli Cuirassiers (6 sqns)

Alt-Hessen-Darmstadt Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Pfalz-Neuburg Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Serényi Dragoons (6 sqns)

Dietrichstein Dragoons (1 troop)

Corbelli Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Lothringen Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Lothringen Cuirassiers (6 sqns)
Serényi Dragoons (1 troop)
Pfalz-Neuburg Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Alt-Hessen-Darmstadt Cuirassiers (1 troop)
Dietrichstein Dragoons (6 sqns)

Artillery under FZM von Börner

  • each infantry battalion of the first line had two guns for a total of 32 pieces
  • each infantry battalion of the second line had one gun for a total of 13 pieces
  • a reserve of 25 pieces

The following regiments are not listed in this order of battle and were probably still on the march towards South Tyrol:

Finally a Danish Auxiliary Corps was on the march from Saxony.


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