1701 – Imperialist invasion of Northern Italy – Imperialist winter-quarters

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Winter-quarters of the Imperial army in Northern Italy in December 1701.

Commander-in-Chief: Prince Eugène de Savoie seconded by FZM Count Starhemberg, GdC Prince Thomas de Vaudémont, and GFWM Margrave of Anspach

Between the Oglio and the Mincio under GFWM Bagni and Visconti

In the Seraglio between Mantua, the Lower Mincio and the Po under FML Count Pálffy

Along the left bank of the Mincio in front of Goito and Mantua, under the command of GdC Count Trautmannsdorf and the Danish General Guldenlöwe

Deák Hussars (2 sqns) were posted at Castiglione Mantovano

On the Po

The rest of the Artillery and the train were stationed at Revere


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Dan Schorr for additional information concerning the Danish Contingent